A word from the President


Dear members and visitors,


A new  academic year is rapidly approaching.  Nicolas Appert  was of course also represented at the study day during the AID so new students were able to get acquainted with our student association. Hopefully all our members have enjoyed a well deserved holiday and for those who had to study hard for their re-examinations I hope you have passed them successfully. Last year many interesting Nicolas Appert activities took place, too many to mention but if we have to name a few,  certainly these would be the weekends we spent together, such as the first years weekend, the NA weekend and the ONCS, the integration gala organized with other student associations and last but not least the field trips to various food companies and the end of year barbecue.

Needless to say,  the committees of Nicolas Appert will also organize all sorts of activities this year, new will be our brothers and sisters day. On this special day all the food technologists’ brothers and sister are welcome to spend a nice day together.  Furthermore we have set up a new committee which will occupy themselves with the design for goodies/promotional items for our student association,  such as water bottles, sunglasses and sweaters. By setting up these new committees  we will be able to offer our students plenty of possibilities to join our fast growing association and in this way we can organize even more interesting activities!  Have a look at our various committees to see what they are doing. (you can find them under the heading  ‘committees’)

Hopefully we will be able to welcome a large number of new members at the AID. We would like to meet them during our first years lunch. We would also like to invite all our members to the Kick-Off Party on Thursday 11 September where we will kick off the new academic year with a toast!

On behalf of our Board of Nicolas Appert, have fun at the AID and do come and join us in one of our activities to enrich your time in Wageningen both socially and professionally.


Hope to see you soon!


Pieter-Paul Thijssen

President  of Nicolas Appert




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