A word from the President


Dear members and visitors,


This year already many interesting  and fun Nicolas Appert activities have taken place, think of the annual Nicolas Appert weekend,  our fancy dinner and the fieldtrip to the gelatin factory in Belgium.  Also in the fifth period a general membership  meeting took place. Our cooking committee cooked a delicious meal for the board and all the members that attended that night.  At this meeting two new committees have been set up for the upcoming year. The first is a  committee which will organize a special day for our brothers and sisters,  the other committee will occupy themselves with trying to come up with good ideas for goodies/promotional items for our student association. By setting up new committees  we will be able to offer our students plenty of possibilities to join our fast growing association and in this way we can organize even more interesting activities!

Throughout the year various committees have been busy organizing all sorts of activities. Some of these committees, such as  the weekend committee and the introduction committee have already completed their work for this year. However, in the our last period there will we many interesting activities you don’t want to miss. Our sports committee has seen to it that our members can participate in the Dutch Open Chemistry Sports Days  and our cooking committee will organize an end of year barbecue.

One of the highlights on our agenda is the integration gala which will be held together with some other student associations in Wageningen. In the second week of the sixth period a group of more than 300 students, all dressed appropriately,  will travel to a fancy location to have a great party.  Of course, some other fieldtrips and drinks will be organized . Needless to say, the board is already planning activities for next year.  New students can get acquainted with our association in the AID. We expect that even more students  will come and join us next year.

On behalf of our Board , I wish you good luck with the upcoming last study period and I hope you will join us in all our activities to enrich your time in Wageningen both socially and professionally.

Hope to see you soon!


Pieter-Paul Thijssen

President  of Nicolas Appert


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