Dear members and visitors,

Welcome at the website of Nicolas Appert, the study association of Food Technology and related studies. At this website you can find anything about us, the agenda, our history and the committees we have. Take a look around if you like!

We are already halfway through this academic year, time flies! That is of course partly because of the nice activities that have been organized the last half year by the association. First of all we had a few very crowded lunch lectures, with interesting topics and inspiring speakers. We also had two very nice excursions, to Biohorma and to Grolsch. Last of all we had fun activities like shoe putting, Sintershaken, trampoline jumping and the new year’s drink. That is a good promise for coming half year! There are a lot of awesome activities coming up, so keep up to date by reading the weekly mail, checking Facebook or via our website.

The new academic year has already begun and we have made a good start as well. After a fantastic spring which included the beercantus, a variety of excursions, the barbecue, the members activity and some very good parties, we have enjoyed the Kick-off party of this year. Besides that, we have received our almanac which was just a masterpiece, I love it! I am looking forward to the upcoming periods where we will organise some amazing activities. I won’t give away much, but the annual Sintershaken and new years’ drink are already planned!

The current board consists of six people. Together we make sure the association will run smoothly and activities are being organised. We cannot organise all the activities on our own, so we have our committees. Sybren Zondervan is our vice-president, he has contact with our committees and ensures everything goes well. Kevin Frencken takes care of the mail, he is secretary. You can always contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Leonie Waardenburg, PR commissioner, has contact with our sponsors and Anique Lemmers will keep an eye on us so we do not spend too much money, as she is our treasurer.  Our fifth board member is Tessa Schoones, our study commissioner. She is there for all our study related businesses. Last but not least there is me, the president. I will make sure that we will do our best and show our members that Nicolas Appert is the best study association in Wageningen!

I hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,

Job Smetsers 
President Nicolas Appert

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