Osiris and TimeEdit

Since a few months we are using Osiris. For teachers quite a lot has changed, mostly for the better. A list: In the list of subscribed students teachers can see who needs e.g. extra time for the exam (before they received an email from each student separately).  Teachers can upload the course grades at once with an Excel file (before they had […]

Course evaluations: why should you spend time on it

Many of you might know me already from courses or activities at FQD or as Food Science internship coordinator. But since February I started working as Programme Director of BFT, MFT, MFS & MFQ. This means that I am now responsible for the quality of your programme. The course evaluation is an important tool to […]

Education and Examination Regulation

Wageningen University has a set of legally required regulations providing students with information about and establish regulations concerning their programme, which are taken up in the Education and Examination Regulation (in Dutch: Onderwijs en Examen Regeling). Annually there is a consultation round where all Programme Committees and the student council can comment on the proposed […]