The Food Programme Directors

Hello all, I am Jenneke Heising and last Februari I started working as Programme Director for the food programmes.  I grew up in IJsselstein and I followed grammar school at Oosterlicht college in Nieuwegein. Then I went to Wageningen for my Bachelor and Master Food Technology, so I have experienced our education myself! After graduation […]

WUR Board of Education (BoE)

The Board of Education (BoE) is a board which is established by the Executive Board of WUR. This is a single board for all degree programmes at the university. The Board is responsible for the content, quality, and innovation of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes at the university which have been accredited by the Accreditation […]

Who defends the rights of the students? The student council!

The student council is a university body that represents the students’ perspective in the policy of the university. It is one of the participatory bodies of the university and consist of 12 students who are elected to represent the interest of students. These 12 students are all a member of one of the three parties […]

The role of the study advisor in a nutshell

It’s good to know that you won’t be left to fend for yourself during your studies! We have a devoted team of study advisors available to you during your studies. Our primary objective as study advisors is to assist you with making informed decisions concerning your study programme and educational goals. For example, when it comes time […]

National Programme Education

In the National Programme Education (NPE), the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is providing financial support to universities for ‘catching up’ with missed opportunities in education. You all might know that the tuition fee for coming academic year (2021-2022) is halved, this is one of the parts of the NPE. Another part is that […]

programme committee

At Wageningen University, every programme has its own programme committee (PC). The programme committee BFT/MFT and the programme committee MFQ/MFS are responsible for the quality of the education of the Food Technology programmes, and for the Food Quality Management and Food Safety programmes, respectively. Both PCs consist of an equal number of staff and student […]

Bachelor Internship

Did you know that since the academic year 2018-2019 the Bachelor internship can be integrated in the optional part of your programme? This means that you can partially replace your Elective/Optional courses by doing an internship! Former BSc-students have found internship positions at companies like Aviko, FrieslandCampina, VION and TOP B.V. and companies like MaGie […]

Osiris and TimeEdit

Since a few months we are using Osiris. For teachers quite a lot has changed, mostly for the better. A list: In the list of subscribed students teachers can see who needs e.g. extra time for the exam (before they received an email from each student separately).  Teachers can upload the course grades at once with an Excel file (before they had […]

Course evaluations: why should you spend time on it

Many of you might know me already from courses or activities at FQD or as Food Science internship coordinator. But since February I started working as Programme Director of BFT, MFT, MFS & MFQ. This means that I am now responsible for the quality of your programme. The course evaluation is an important tool to […]

Education and Examination Regulation

Wageningen University has a set of legally required regulations providing students with information about and establish regulations concerning their programme, which are taken up in the Education and Examination Regulation (in Dutch: Onderwijs en Examen Regeling). Annually there is a consultation round where all Programme Committees and the student council can comment on the proposed […]