Dear members, The Weekendcie is pulling all possible strings to get the weekend going and more amazing then ever! The weekend will be action packed of activities, drinks and loads ​of fun! Maybe this time we will go the beach?! Hope to see many of you there! Love XOXO Weekendcie 2021-2022


Dear globe-trotter! After successfully organizing 3 very entertaining trips in the past years, this year everything became different due to the Corona virus and our trip got cancelled. However, we are glad to announce that the 2020 Tripcie will continue for another year to make up for the missed trip by organizing an even better […]


Dear members and visitors, We are the Tapcie! This huge committee of 14 members is dedicated to tapping beers and making other drinks for the members of Nicolas Appert. We are normally active during the department drinks and other parties, tapping beers and providing delicious shots and cocktails. Greetings, The Tapcie 2021-2022


Dear members and visitors, We are the Sportcie `2021-`2022 and we will provide you with several fun and sportive activities. As expected the Batavierenrace and the ONCS are on our program again this year, but of course, there are some smaller activities too. We know it’s going to be lots of fun and we hope […]


Hello there! We are the Redakcie 2021-2022 and will provide the FFT (Food For Thought) this year. Our main focus this year is to improve this magazine further than ever before. Up until now, we are very proud to show you our new layout and in-depth articles. We hope to keep enlightening our members with […]


Hey there, We, as the PR-cie, are always busy trying to connect with new possible partners while maintaining a close bond with our current partners. We can be seen as the backbone of Nicolas Appert, as we make sure that there is enough money to keep organizing events. Furthermore, we also help our members to […]

P-cie (Papcie)

Hi members,We are the P-cie, a committee made for our first-year students to welcome them into the studies and the association. We organize many fun activities for the First Years to enjoy and we make sweaters for our own year. We are also going to organize the First Year’s Weekend. Lots of love,The Papcie


Dear all, Meet NA’s beautiful paparazzi! We are the Paparazcie and we will at every activity of Nicolas Appert to make the most beautiful possible photos! With our well-functioning camera and beautiful committee members with a good sense of nice photos, we don’t have to worry that we forget all the nice moments we share […]


Hello everyone! As the 2023 Parentcie, we will organise a parents day for all students of our great study association! On 25th of march we will have our parentsday, your parents are invited to visit our stunning campus and have a look at our student life in Wageningen. This day will be the perfect opportunity […]


Dear interested readers, We are the Multimediacie, We are concerned with improving the online image of Nicolas Appert. We maintain and update the site and we have an Instagram account to keep you up-to-date with all the activities Nicolas Appert organises. It is our responsibility to keep Nicolas Appert relevant and visible online. We hope […]