De Bereiders

Some carbs, some protein, and some other magical ingredients which everybody loves: the ingredients for creating the perfect athletes. But Quinten accidentally added a wrong ingredient to the mixture: the Element Knots.

That’s how ‘de Bereiders’ were born, with their super powers!

The official knotsbal team of Nicolas Appert takes up their cudgels once a week to take off on the knotsbal field. Like beasts they play an intense game in the Thymos competition. Two years ago they played in poule E, but now they made it to the B poule. It looks like something that can’t be stopped.

Except by a pint of beer of course!

Feel free to come have a look or participate in one of the nervous wrecking games, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook via stay up-to-date. See you soon!

– de Bereiders