Dear interested readers, We are the Multimediacie, We are concerned with improving the online image of Nicolas Appert. We maintain and update the site and we have an Instagram account to keep you up-to-date with all the activities Nicolas Appert organises. It is our responsibility to keep Nicolas Appert relevant and visible online. We hope […]


Bonjour, We are the Chefcie, the committee responsible for organising and cooking for the General Members Meetings, Department Drinks and the End of the Year BBQ. After all, we Food Scientist learn in the lectures, we convert all that knowledge into the very best foods we can manage, trying to provide snacks and dinner whenever […]


Dear NA-members and visitors, Introducing, the Introduccie! The Introduccie committee organises six walk-along days and attends four open days, two in October and two in March. The walk-along days are organised for prospective students who are interested in the Bachelor Food Technology. Organising a “student-for-a-day” is always an exciting experience, as we encourage aspiring students […]


Greetings NA-members, We are the Goodiecie, the committee that provides all of our members with epic NA-related merchandise. Every year we’re tasked to create two goodies and the gifts for master students that have finished their study duties. However, if your committee requires any help designing or producing goodies you can always give us a […]


Dear NA-members and visitors, Bubbling with enthusiasm, we are the youngest committee of NA. We are the result of the question ‘But wait, why doesn’t NA have a beer-brewing committee?” and expanded that idea into our mission to introduce the members to all the wonders of fermentation, as well as brew a few beers per […]


Dear NA-members and visitors, We, from the Edutee, are here to monitor and maintain the quality of our education. This is ensured by meeting and discussing the course evaluations and study-related matters that have been raised by students or staff. If you have any questions related to these topics or wish to have a chat […]


Hi! We are the Conneccie and we organise activities with our brother and sister associations. Our brother associations are all the other study associations in Wageningen and our sister associations are all the chemical study associations of the Netherlands. We are super excited to connect you with the members of these associations and to organise […]


Hello everyone, We are the Carrilexcie. Our committee is responsible for organising lunch lectures, excursions and evening activities in collaboration with different companies in the field of the food industry. These activities are the perfect opportunity for companies to give a good impression of their business and for our members to get acquainted with all […]


Dear partypeople, We are the Activicie, the committee that will make sure you can discover the wildest activities. From scratch on, we organise the most original activities and host the greatest parties. Do you have any ideas, suggestions or do you just want to thank us for our amazing work? Do not hesitate to contact […]

FC Beunhazen

Hi, We are FC Beunhazen, the first official soccer team of Nicolas Appert. Our goal is winning as many games as possible by playing a well coördinated game. Within our team a combination of talent, fitness and brotherhood makes sure that we stand up against our opponents.  FC Beunhazen does not only stand for a […]