Join Nicolas Appert!

On this page you can subscribe to the association. Below you can see whether you are eligible to join. Also, you can read about the advantages of being a member.

Becoming a member

Students can become a member if they participate in the BFT, MFT, MFS or MFQ programmes at the WUR. You can also become a member when you do not study Food Technology, but another study at the WUR. If this is the case, you have to present yourself and convince the members during a General Members Meeting. People can also simply become a member of study association Nicolas Appert by visiting our office during lunch break. Our office is on the first floor of the Forum building in room 114. 

As a member you get to benefit from all the advantages that come with the association. In short, you get a discount on your books at the WURshop, you can join all the activities and you can become an active member by joining a committee.

The membership fee is €15.00 a year.


About you
About your adress
Payment method

Choose your payment method

For your and our convience, it is the easiest to use an incasso (automatic collection) every year. It will save a lot of time and you don’t have to think about it. This is only compatible for students with a Dutch bank account! If you do not (yet) have a Dutch bank account, please choose the option ‘transfer’. 


Nicolas Appert will automatically deduct the annual membership fee of €15,00 from your bank account.
Price changes for the membership fee reserved.
Characteristic will be filled in by Nicolas Appert.


Please transfer the annual fee of €15,00 to NL11RABO0367051737 t.n.v Nicolas Appert.
This has to be done before November 1st.

After you have become a member

After you have been accepted as a member, you can create an account on our website with your WUR e-mail adress. By doing this, you can view all pictures of activities, buy goodies, see recent study updates and look at informative documents.


If a member graduates, they are automatically unsubscribed from the association for the following year.

If a member wants to unsubscribe they have to contact our secretary by e-mail,, or by letter. This has to be done before October 1st, otherwise the membership will last another year.