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Tessa Vissers


Hi everyone, 

My name is Tessa and I will be the Secretary this coming half year! This year I started the Master’s! Besides spending time in the Hok, I like hanging out with my friends from my year club or my sorority hattrick^2! 💗When I’m in a sportive mood, you can find me at the hockey field. 🏑 If you have any question related to your registration or another administrative related topic, you can pass by the Hok and ask me. Other than that, I like drinking lots of coffee so if you come by we can have one together! ☕️


Eva Van dieën



My name is Eva and I will be the new secretary for the next half year. So, if you were wondering who is behind the mailbox of NA, that’s me now! I’m 20 years old and I am a third year Bachelor student. Next to my board activities, you can find me writing for the FFT! In my free time, I love to draw, row or going to zumba with friends and (surprise surprise) I also love cooking. I always like meeting new members and hearing your stories and ideas for NA, so if you ever have some free time, pass by the Hok or send a fun email!


Esther Top

Vice President


I’m Esther and I am the new Vice President of the board for this academic year! As Vice President I will be the contact person between our active members and theboard. I will make sure that all our committees are filled and working! The thing I like the most about my position is getting into contact with all of our active members and thereby getting to know a lot of (new) members. This year I want to focus on improving the quality of our activities, by making them more creative. Besides being in the board I am also part of the Introduccie, Paparazcie and the Multimediacie.

I’m 21 years old and currently in my 3th year of the bachelor. This year I will focus
mostly on finally passing all my first and second year courses. Next to studying
and my board tasks I really like to go to sporting classes at the Bongerd and
rowing at Argo. Some other hobbies of me are baking and watching Formula 1.

You can always come by the hok to have a little chat and hopefully I will see you all at our activities!


Julius Pelle



My name is Julius and I am your treasurer of Nicolas Appert for the upcoming year. Currently I am in my 4th bachelor year. I like to spend my free time in a rowing boat, or on a terrace. I am also very active at our Food Technology fraternity OnVerWagT XXX . But most of the time will be spent in the hok, so feel free to come have a chat together with a coffee and some funky beats with me. Can’t wait to see everyone of you at our activities! 🍻


Mara Vlemmix

PR commissioner


I’m Mara and I’m the PR Commissioner of Nicolas Appert! I will be taking care of getting new sponsors as well as maintaining our current contacts and organising interesting activities with them. I started my Masters Food Technology this year. Besides studying or working in the hok, you will find me having drinks with my year club at ksv Franciscus or baking cakes in the kitchen. I hope to see all of you at our upcoming activities, or in the hok to get to know all our beautiful members!

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