College Tour with Food Alumni

Dear members,

Have you always wondered what you can do after your studies? What your career perspectives are? Wait no longer and sign up for our ‘College Tour: interviews with food alumni’.

On Wednesday the 29th of November, the Edutee and the Food Science programme will organise an evening activity with various educational professionals, who currently work at various Dutch educational institutes. During the interview several questions will be asked to them. Afterwards, there is the opportunity to have a chat and ask your own questions to them!

Below you can read more about our educational professionals. Are you curious to one of these career paths? They would love to meet you on the 29th of November!

The interview itself will start at 19:00 o’clock in the big canteen in Axis-X (X-1101, first floor). Due to the capacity of the room, there is only place for the first 40 students that subscribe. Hope to see you there!

Mind that you will have to pay a fine of €3.50 if you do not unsubscribe before the 27th of November.

With educative regards,

the Edutee


Julia Diederen is a senior teacher within the study programme Food Technology at Wageningen University. Before becoming a teacher at WUR, she was a chemistry teacher at a high school in Ede and at a New York State University in the USA. Julia completed a PhD project about Designing Digital Learning Materials for Food Chemistry Education. And she is still very much into innovating education.

Melanie van Berkum works as a teacher at the Food Process Engineering group. At the same time, she is doing a PhD on education. After graduating from the Master Science Education and Communication, she worked as a study advisor for the food sciences programmes, before starting at FPE.

David Millenaar works as technician at the Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods group at Wageningen University. Before starting the Food Technology educational programmes, David studied Architecture in Delft and worked as a chef and private caterer. He has always been fascinated with anything food and cooking related. Currently, he is involved in the Gastronomy courses and supervising thesis students in the FPH group. He is also busy with his university teacher qualification.

Laura Kalisvaart works as a high school teacher. She graduated from the Bachelor and Master in Food Technology from Wageningen University. She subscribed for the ‘Educatieve module’ in Wageningen and the Master in Education in Utrecht afterwards.

Here after, she first worked at WUR as a teacher together with Julia Diederen, after two years she started her career as a high school teacher.

Ingrid Nijssen recently started to work as program manager at the Dutch Taskforce for Applied Research. She works closely with teachers from the Dutch universities of applied science (HBO) and with experts in the field. She benefits in this role from her work experience gained as lecturer at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Sjors Verstege works as a high school teacher in chemistry. During his Food Technology programmes, he was already orienting for a career in education through the educational minor. Sjors completed a PhD about the Design of Virtual Experiment Environments. After his PhD journey, before becoming a high school teacher, he worked at LabBuddy as product manager.


29 Nov 2023


19:00 - 21:00