Committee Lunch

Dear active members,

Now that we are all recovered from the exams and started with new courses, it’s time to get to know each other a little better via a Committee Lunch! During this Committee Lunch all the committees will battle against each other by doing the Crazy Barbie Committee Battle to find out which committee will win the title of best committee!! In case you are in multiple committees, choose the one you think has the best Barbie vibes!!✨

The lunch will be Barbie themed so make sure to wear your best pink or blue outfit as committee (bonus points for the best outfits). Besides the Crazy Barbie Committee Battle there will also be a free lunch, full of delicious pink food!! Please make sure to bring your own plate, cutlery and cup! It will take place on the 15th of November in room B0521 + B0525 in Forum from 12:45 till 13:45 o’clock.

During this lunch also the new NA stickers will be revealed, so make sure to be there to collect them!!

We hope to see all of you there soon!!

Board 2023-2024


15 Nov 2023


12:00 - 13:00