Department Drink + End of the Year BBQ

Dear all,


We hope that the last period of this year has been treating you well so far. As a way to end this year on a high note, we are pleased to announce that the last Department Drink of this year will be taking place on the 9th of June from 16:00h to 19:00h. As we, Nicolas Appert, never let you down when it comes to a great twist, we are also delighted to announce that after this Department Drink will be followed up with our most sacred tradition: the End-of-the-Year Barbecue! Our “Neon Lights” themed Department Drink will take place in the Big Church, market 1 in the City Center! You will be able to interact and have a nice drink with your fellow Food Technology classmates, members, and board of Nicolas Appert but also the teachers and programme director of our study. There is no better place for networking and having a great time than at the Department Drink

At 19:00h, the Kookcie will be waiting for you with open arms for the End of the Year BBQ at the Woeste Hoeve! For only 5 euros you will get some delicious food from the BBQ and free drinks. Be aware that there are limited spots available so sign up quickly using the following link (you only have to sign up for the BBQ, so not for the Department Drink!):

Don’t forget to show off your neon outfits! We cannot wait to see you there!


Board 2022 and the Kookcie


09 Jun 2022


Sign up now for the BBQ!