DoMiBo Study Associations x VeSte

Dear members,
The election week of the Student Council is upon us! From Monday 27 May to Thursday 30 May 23:59, you can vote for your favourite candidate of VeSte! So, on the 30th of May from 16:30 until 19:30 o’clock there will be a DoMiBo (Drink) to celebrate the election week and student life! Together with all the other Study Associations and VeSte, we have arranged some drink and bitterbal deals. Are you done with classes, groupwork or thesis, come with your group of friends or your class/thesismates to relax at the Spot.
Did you know that our Vice President, Esther Top, is a listpusher for VeSte? VeSte represents active students in the Student Council of WUR and ensures that the voice of these students is heard. VeSte aims for Future proof Education, Personal Development & an Active Student Life. Do you support these values? Then do not hesitate and vote for VeSte during the Student Council elections. Last Sunday you’ve received an e-mail from a site called “WebElect’’, by clicking on the link in this e-mail you can vote for our listpusher from Nicolas Appert, #13 Esther! So what are you waiting for? And cast your vote!
The board of VeSte will hand out coupons at the entrance for the first 120 people that come.
You can get one free consumption with that (including everything except speciality beer). Besides, we arranged some deals:
  • 5 consumptions* / 1 pitcher Bud with 8 bitterballen for €14,99
  • 4 consumptions* for €9,99
(* no specialty beers included)
Green love,
Board 117


30 May 2024


16:30 - 19:30