Evaluation Lunch

Dear members,
Period 1 is almost over, and it is time to study for the upcoming exams again. It is not only essential to pass the courses, but sharing your opinion about the courses is also very important. That way, the courses can be improved for next year. That is why we, the Edutee, organize Evaluation Lunches! On the 3rd of November from 12:30 til 13:30 o’clock the first Evaluation Lunch will take place in Forum where we will evaluate the courses of period 1. The exact room will follow later. We will do this completely in a Halloween theme to make it more fun! We will provide a free Halloween lunch for you, so be on time since there is a limited amount.
We will also shortly discuss some specific courses with you, to make it more interactive! Do you have any specific courses that you want to discuss during the Evaluation Lunches? You can fill it in the following forms: https://forms.gle/nGf29Bqaxyx4kGZbA
Good luck studying!
With educated regards,

The Edutee


03 Nov 2022


12:30 - 13:30