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Microbe Magic – A Two-Part Event on Food Fermentation

Join us for a fascinating two-part event, Microbe Magic, where innovation meets tradition in the world of fermentation!

Date: Part I (27th of February) and Part II (29th of February)

Time: 19:00-21:00 o’clock

Location: Plus Ultra II


Part I: Speaker Event

Dive into the entrepreneurial side of fermentation with StartHub Wageningen’s speaker event. Renowned professionals will share their expertise, insights, and entrepreneurial approaches to fermentation. Discover the latest trends, breakthroughs, and opportunities in this dynamic field that merges science and business.


  1. Avis Nugroho found his passion for fermentation when he accidentally made wine at 12 years old. He did a pHd in Systems Biology of dairy fermentation, where he used fundamental research for industrial applications. He then turned his focus to plant-based protein fermentation during his PostDoc. Right now, he is an Open Innovation manager at CJ CheilJedang. Fun fact: Avis brings a fermented drink from his own garden called Cheong.


  1. Ivana Mik, also known as the mad food scientist or fermentation queen, is a freelance product developer specialized in fermentation. She is a passionate and curious fermenter and food creative that worked in several projects all over the world. However, her background lies in Wageningen where she studied Food Biotechnology and Biorefinery. Now, she gathers fermentation enthusiasts for her Blub Clubs in Amsterdam and she helps companies in making their product dreams come through with her one-woman business Fou Food Lab https://www.foufoodlab.nl/.


  1. Speaker to be annouced


Part II: Kimchi Workshop

Get your hands dirty and experience the magic of fermentation firsthand with Nicolas Appert Study Association’s Fermentacie committee. Join us for an interactive kimchi workshop where you’ll learn the secrets of this ancient preservation technique. Discover the art and science behind fermenting vegetables while creating your own flavorful batch of kimchi to take home.


Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a curious foodie, or simply intrigued by the microbial wonders of fermentation, Microbe Magic has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the transformative power of microbes and join us on a journey into the world of fermentation! 🌟


This event is completely free and is organized by Starthub Wageningen in collaboration with Study Association Nicolas Appert.


27 Feb 2024


19:00 - 21:00