General Members Meeting

Dear members,
It is time for the last GMM of this academic year! This year was still a rather strange year in the beginning, but in the end, I think we really made up for the lost time of Covid-19. I am sincerely proud of everyone who contributed to this and put effort in making the academic year a success, thank you! The last GMM of this year will be held on Tuesday the 14th of June in Forum. It will start at 19:30 hours. Prior to the GMM, the Kookcie will provide you with some free dinner at 18:30 hours! You can subscribe for the GMM + dinner or to the GMM only with the links stated below. The exact rooms for the dinner and the GMM will be announced later.
At this GMM, we will discuss quite a few extra agenda points besides the usual. At first, we will discuss the possible purchase of the equipment for the Fermentacie. The Fermentacie now uses the personal equipment of some of the committee members. To continue this committee after the graduation of these committee members, equipment should be bought and stored somewhere. Since the purchase will cost more than €250 euros and the storage might be an issue, we should have a vote about this.
The next extra agenda point that will be discussed is the amount of GMMs during an academic year. In the GMM held in April, not many major issues were discussed that could not have been shifted to another GMM. That is why we want to propose an HR change about this matter to make it possible to not make this GMM obligatory anymore.
Another HR change that will be discussed is the occurrence of the Career Day. In the HR, it is stated the Career Day is held biannually. However, companies prefer to have it as a yearly event. Bas Zonjee will elaborate you more on this matter during the GMM.
We have yet another HR change that will presented during this GMM. Since internationalisation is a major topic in our association right now, we thought it was time to change some of the committee names so that all names are understood by our international members as well. In the attachment, the translated names as well as the original names are stated. The Integracie will be lifted and the reasons behind this decision will be explained during the GMM. Last but not least, the policy of 2021-2022 will be evaluated.
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The agenda:
  1. Opening
  2. Settlement of the agenda
  3. Approval of the previous minutes
  4. Board announcements
  5. Mail
  6. Vice President and committees report
  7. PR-Commissioner’s report
  8. Study Commissioner’s report
  9. Treasurer’s report
  10. Temporary account committees 2021-2022
  11. Temporary account association 2021-2022
  12. Fermentacie equipment
  13. HR change amount of GMMs
  14. HR change Career Day
  15. Changing committee names
  16. Policy evaluation 2021-2022
  17. Any other business
  18. Questions
  19. Closing
If you have any points to make on the agenda, please let me know before the start of the GMM. I hope to see you all on the 14th of June!
Vriendelijke groetjes/ Kind regards,
Manou Kennis


14 Jun 2022


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