General Members Meeting

Time has flown by since last General Members Meeting, with the summer holiday and, of course, the AID in between. As we want to update you on everything and look forward to the next year, we want to invite you to the General Members Meeting at 19:00 on the 26th of September in B0504/0508 in Forum. After the GMM, there will be an amazing Board Change party at the Woeste Hoeve from 22:30!
Next to the general points, there will also be some extra agenda points as well. First of all, we will vote on the rewritten Code of Conduct. The full Code of Conduct can be found attached to this invitation. We will still change the formatting to make sure it fits in the Internal Regulations.
Then, we will vote on a change in IR point 2.3. This change can also be found in the attached files and would make sure that we get more membership fees starting from this year. It has been a yearly struggle for treasurers to keep our member accountable for their membership fees and this would help them with this struggle.
Next up, the board change will occur and our new board will present their policy. Just like the pieces before, the policy can be found attached to this mail
After the change, there needs to be a vote on quite a big expense. Even though we will look at the estimation of the new year, we want to talk about the future of the NAmera. Sadly, it passed away during the end of last academic year so a new one needs to be bought.
As I mentioned before, there will be a board change during this GMM. Tessa Vissers will become the new Secretary, Esther Top will replace Clemens Blom as Vice President and Julius Pelle will replace Annefleur Kooi as the new Treasurers. Sarah Lingaard will replace her function of Secretary to take over my job as President.
Vriendelijke groetjes/ Kind regards,

Rosa Slingerland



26 Sep 2023


19:00 - 22:30