General Members Meeting + Dinner

Dear members,
Days are getting sunnier, evenings are getting longer, meaning the end of the academic year is approaching! For this reason, we will be having the last General Members Meeting of this academic year in two weeks time. We would like to invite you on the 4th of June to room B0516 from 19:00 o’clock onwards to join us for some important matters to be discussed. Beforehand, at 18:00 o’clock in room B0512, we will get to enjoy a lovely dinner prepared by the Chefcie. Please, make sure to bring your own platecutlery and cup!
Next to our general updates, we will also have some other points on the agenda to discuss. First of all, we will show you how we have worked out the policy points of this academic year. Then, we will discuss some IR changes. Last time, a change on IR point 6.1 on the division of committees was approved. With this being approved, we can now make some specifications to other points in this same chapter. Additionally, the chapter on the advisory council could use an update, since some information in this chapter is no longer true. Also, instead of having it as a separate chapter, we would like to include it in chapter 6 where all committees are described.
The agenda will be as follows:
1. Opening
2. Settlement of the agenda
3. Approval of the previous minutes
4. Board Announcements
5. Mail
6. Vice President’s report
7. Committees report and temporary account committees 2023-2024
8. PR-Commissioner’s report
9. Education report
10. Treasurer’s report
11. Temporary account association 2023-2024
12. Evaluation of the policy of 2023-2024
13. Vote on IR change 6.3e Yearly evaluation of committees
14. Vote on IR change 6.6 Appointment of a committee chair and treasurer
15. Vote on IR change 6.8 Responsibilities of the committee treasurer
16. Vote on IR change 6.12 Responsibilities of the executive board
17. Vote on IR change chapter 7 Advisory Council
18. Other business
19. Questions
20. Closing
You can sign up for dinner here:
Your opinion on these matters is highly appreciated, and therefore, we hope to welcome you on the 4th of June!
Vriendelijke groetjes/ Kind regards,
Tessa Vissers


04 Jun 2024


18:00 - 22:30