Dear members,
It is already time for the last General Members Meeting of this year. It has been a bit of a strange year with the development of the Covid-19 pandemic and the constantly changing restrictions that came with it. However, we as a board and the committees have tried our best to make this year as fun as possible and I believe that we can be proud of our ability to adapt to the circumstances. Since more and more restrictions are being lifted, we are looking into making this an offline real-life face to face GMM. We have not found a location yet and there is still a possibility that we might have to do it online. That is why we cannot tell you were the GMM will take place yet, details about this will follow in the reminder.
At this GMM we will of course discuss the usual subjects. The only extra agenda point that is currently on the agenda is the evaluation of the policy 2020-2021. During this point we will discuss the policy that we made at the start of this year and what we have or have not been able to achieve. Attached to this e-mail you can find the policy 2020-2021, so if you want to take a look before the GMM you can do so.
Once again, you can declare €4,- for dinner and €2,50 for drinks per person. Like previous GMMs, the Kookcie will post some delicious recipes on our Instagram account before the GMM! So, hopefully you will get together with a friend and have a nice meal and join the GMM.
The agenda:
  1. Opening
  2. Settlement of the agenda
  3. Approval of the previous minutes
  4. Board announcements
  5. Mail
  6. Vice president and committees report
  7. PR commissioner’s report
  8. Study commissioner’s report
  9. Treasurer’s report
  10. Temporary accounts committees 2020-2021
  11. Temporary account association 2020-2021
  12. Evaluation of the policy 2020-2021
  13. Any other business
  14. Questions
  15. Closing
In case the GMM will be online, you can join the NA Teams channel for the GMM via this link: 


08 Jun 2021


19:30 - 21:00