GMM + Board Change

Dear members,

On Tuesday the 20th of September, it is time for our first General Members Meeting of this academic year. This meeting will be held in Forum room C0221. Afterwards, there will be an amazing party at the Woeste Hoeve (Hoevestein 239)! The GMM will start at 19:00 o’clock. Subsequently (probably around 22:30 o’clock) the party in the Woeste Hoeve will start. Don’t forget to bring cash to pay for drinks at the Woeste Hoeve!
During the GMM we will discuss the usual agenda point as well as two HR changes. The first one concerns the opening of the Parents Day to not only second year students, but all our members. The second HR change is about implementing a new committee called the Mastercie. Each academic year the association gains a lot of new master students as members who have not done their bachelor in Wageningen. Thus far, we even gained more master than bachelor members during the AID this year. For the first years bachelors we have a first years committee, the Pcie, to help integrate them into Nicolas Appert and promote being an active member of our association. We thought that we should also implement a similar committee for our master students, hence the Mastercie. This committee will focus on organising activities only for our master students. Not only will they help with integrating the first year master students into Nicolas Appert, but they will also organise social networking activities to enhance the interaction between all our master students. After the boards have changed during the GMM, the new board will explain in more detail about implementing this committee in our association.
As you know, we will also have a board change. Rosa Slingerland will become the new Secretary, Clemens Blom will replace Steven Weijkamp as Vice President and Annefleur Kooi will replace Femke Mehagnoul as the Treasurer. Sanne Doornbos will take over my place as the new President.
The agenda of the meeting will be as follows:

1. Opening
2. Settlement of the agenda
3. Approval of the previous minutes
4. Board Announcements
5. Mail
6. Vice President and committees report
7. PR-Commissioner’s report
8. Study Commissioner’s report
9. Treasurer’s report
10. Temporary account committees 2021-2022
11. Temporary account association 2021-2022
12.HR change Parentcie
13. Board change
14. Continuation of the old tradition
15. Continuation of the new tradition
16. Presentation of the policy 2022-2023
17. HR change Mastercie
18. Presentation of the account estimation 2022-2023
19. Temporary account association 2022-2023
20. Other business
21. Questions
22. Closing
I am looking forward to seeing you again!
Vriendelijke groetjes/ Kind regards,
Manou Kennis
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20 Sep 2022