GMM with Board Change

Dear members,
It is time for our very first General Members Meeting of this academic year. Luckily, we are able to have the GMM at Forum and a party at the Woeste Hoeve (Hoevestein 239) afterwards. During the GMM we will discuss the usual topics as well as a vote on organising an extra Career Day this year. Usually, the Career Day is organised biannually, so once every two years. Of course, last year we had a great Career Day, but a lot of companies did not like the fact that it was online and did not participate for this reason. However, they did say that they would love to come to an offline Career Day this year. That is why we want to vote on organising another Career Day this year.
During this GMM we will also have a board change, where Steven Weijkamp and Femke Mehagnoul will be initiated as the new Vice President and Treasurer, respectively. Unfortunately, we do not have a new Secretary yet, but we are still looking for someone to fill this position. For the time being our Study Commissioner Anniek Brunink will also get the title of Secretary.
The GMM will be held in room B0404 in Forum. We will start a bit earlier than usual, namely 17:30. We are doing this because we want to finish as early as possible since the Woeste Hoeve is only open until 24:00. At around 19:00 we will have a 30-minute break during which everyone can eat. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to prepare food for you due to university Covid-19 guidelines, so you will have to bring your own food. You are also not allowed to consume or bring alcoholic beverages to the university. If you are not available this early you can also join the GMM after the break, so at 19:30.
After the GMM there will be a party at the Woeste Hoeve. In total 100 people can come to the party. It is uncertain whether we have to do it in two shifts of 50 people or if everyone can come at once. That is why you have to give a preferred timeslot in case we have to make shifts.
If you want to sign up, you can do so by the links you received in your mailbox.
The agenda of the meeting will be as follows:

1. Opening
2. Settlement of the agenda
3. Approval of the previous minutes
4. Board Announcements
5. Mail
6. Vice President and committees report
7. PR commissioner’s report
8. Study commissioner’s report
9. Treasurer’s report
10. Temporary account committees 2020-2021
11. Temporary account association 2020-2021
12. Vote on extra Career Day
13. Board change
14. Continuation of the old tradition
15. Continuation of the new tradition
16. Presentation of the policy 2021-2022
17. Presentation of the account estimation 2021-2022
18. Other business
19. Questions

20. Closing

I am looking forward to seeing you again!
Vriendelijke groetjes/ Kind regards,
Tijmen Pietjouw


28 Sep 2021


17:30 - 00:00