Dear members,
Even though the curfew has been changed to 22:00 we are still not able to have a physical GMM. That is why this GMM will also be completely online. Of course, we still hope that you will join us during this GMM as important matters will be discussed like an HR-change, extra expenses that we can make with the association’s money, a vote on the partial translation of the NA Song and of course the inauguration of our new board members Manou, Yvonne and Anniek. We have once again added a document with a more elaborate explanation and points to think about concerning the agenda points. You can find these attachments in your mailbox. Note that we have removed the HR change of the Fermentacie clothing from the agenda.
Once again, you can declare €4,- for dinner and €2,50 for drinks per person. Like last time, the Kookcie will post some delicious recipes on our Instagram account before the GMM! So, hopefully you will get together with a friend and have a nice meal and join the GMM.
The agenda:
  1. Opening
  2. Settlement of the agenda
  3. Approval of the previous minutes
  4. Board announcements
  5. Mail
  6. Vice president and committees report
  7. PR commissioner’s report
  8. Study commissioner’s report
  9. Treasurer’s report
  10. Temporary accounts committees 2020-2021
  11. Temporary account association 2020-2021
  12. HR-change declaration driving costs
  13. Vote on partial NA Song translation
  14. Extra expenses
  15. Inauguration of new board members
  16. Any other business
  17. Questions
  18. Closing


20 Apr 2021


19:30 - 23:00

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