Lustrum Pubcrawl & Theme Reveal

Dear members,

For four months we have wanted to tell you our theme, but the day has finally arrived. On Tuesday the 5th of April we will reveal the theme and programme of the 12th Lustrum, or, the sixtieth anniversary of Nicolas Appert!
For the evening, we planned a Pubcrawl through Wageningen! During the pubcrawl you will get 4 beers in 4 different locations for only €4,99. We will start at the Market Square in Wageningen at 20:00!
Finally, at 22:30, we will end at Loburg where we will announce the theme and programme. This last part evening is free of charge and everyone may join the little party! There might even be some snacks available for everyone!
Au revoir,

The Lustrum board

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05 Apr 2022



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