Dear members,

After seeing the Chefcie in action already a few times this year, it is now your turn to show off your cooking skills. On Thursday the 12th of January, the Chefcie is organizing a Masterchef activity for which we dare you and your team to make the best gastronomic dish!

Ingredients for your dish can be picked up on Tuesday the 10th of January during the lunch break, at the NA Hok in Forum. You will either receive ingredients to create a savory or sweet dish, but in both cases, this will include an interesting mix of products! The activity will be free of charge, you only have to pay for any additional ingredients that you want to use.

During the activity, the Chefcie will judge your dish just like a real Masterchef jury but in this case you as a participant will also be able to judge the creations of your competitors. Winners will thus be picked by you and your fellow peers as well as by the well-experienced Chefcie. So, make sure you make at least 3 to 4 portions so that everyone is able to taste it!

The Masterchef activity will start at 19:00 in B0504-B0508 (Forum), so make sure that all elements of your dish are ready at that time.

There is only space for 15 teams (consisting of 2-3 people), so sign up on time to make sure that you can show everyone that you are one of the best chefs of the association. Subscription is possible till the 8th of January and can be done via the following link:

We hope to see you and your dishes at the activity!

Lots of love, the Chefcie 

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12 Jan 2023


19:00 - 22:00


B0504-B0508 in Forum