Pcie running Dinner

Dear first years,


On the 29th of November from 19:00 onwards, the new Pcie will organise a running dinner together with the Papcie. On this evening, you will go on a small trip around Wageningen to eat a 3-course meal at 3 different locations. At every location you will eat together with other people and the chef will also be different. You can choose one buddy who will not be separated from you but can also always choose to not buddy up for a full surprise. Every location has a country as the theme. This means that after the evening, you feel like you have travelled the world. The costs will be 6 euros 50 and this will include 3 courses and 3 drinks. Since this is the first activity of the new Pcie, they are very excited to see all of you at their activity. 

You can sign up via this link:


the Papcie new Pcie


29 Nov 2022


19:00 - 22:00


De Grote Kerk (De Markt 1)