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Always wanted to know what you can do after your graduation? Our main sponsor Yor-In will tell you what they can do for you! As they are professionals in the recruitment of Quality and Operation professionals within the Food Industry. With their help, you can find a job in different departments like R&D, operations and quality. They will not only tell you the story who they are and how the professional field looks like, but they turn it into an interactive workshop with real-life examples. So if you are curious about the professional field, you can enjoy this workshop on the 21th of September!
The activity starts at 19:30. It will be a real-life activity; however the exact location is announced later. The activity is free of charge. You can sign up via the subscribe button. Be aware that you will have to pay a fine of 3.50 if you do not unsubscribe before the 19th of September.
Please be aware that the activity will be in Dutch!
We hope to see you there!
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The Carrilexcie


21 Sep 2021


19:30 - 21:00

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