If I graduate, will I automatically be removed as a member of NA?

After graduation from your Master’s degree, you will automatically be removed from the member administration. This is because you are then no longer a WUR student anymore. If something goes wrong, please contact our Secretary by sending a mail to nicolas.appert@wur.nl.

What is a General Members Meeting?

A GMM (short for General Members Meeting) is a meeting that is held five times per academic year. During the meeting, all developments inside and outside the association are discussed and a financial overview is given. All committees tell something about their recent developments and activities. All members of Nicolas Appert are welcome to join […]

How do I become an Active Member?

An Active Member is a member who is part of a committee of Nicolas Appert. At the end of the year during the ‘End-of-the-year barbecue’ lists are available on which you can make your interest in a committee clear. The new first-year students can subscribe during the Committee Interest Lunch or before the ‘Kick-off party’ […]

Where do I see when the activities of Nicolas Appert are?

You can see the agenda of our activities in multiple places: In invitations and reminders sent for activities In the weekly mail In the agenda on the site (www.nicolasappert.nl) On the poster wall on the first floor of Forum and outside the NA-“Hok” (Room 114 in Forum) On Facebook

How do I arrange my internship?

Two times every year meetings are scheduled to inform you about the MSc internship and how to arrange it. The study advisors will inform you via email about the dates of these meetings. If you already would like to have some information in advance: check the Brightspace page ‘Programme information site Food Studies’ > internship […]

What are the specialisations for the MSc Food Technology?

Below you can find a list with all specialisations. A – Product Design and Ingredient FunctionalityB – Sustainable Food Process EngineeringC – Food Fermentation and BiotechnologyD – Dairy Science and TechnologyE – Food Digestion and HealthF – Gastronomy ScienceG – Sensory ScienceH – Food EntrepreneurshipI – European Master’s in Food Studies (4 universities, 10 companies, […]

What are the Masters of the Food Sciences at WUR?

There are three Masters on campus and one online Master. The on campus Masters are MSc Food Technology (MFT), MSc Food Safety (MFS) and MSc Food Quality Management (MFQ). The online Master only exists for Food Technology. You can find more information about these Masters in the study handbook https://wur.osiris-student.nl/#/onderwijscatalogus/extern/start.

Can I do an internship within the BSc programme?

Yes, this is possible. You could do an internship for a maximum of 12 ECTS, during your minor or as extra. Different from the MSc internship, for the BSc internship you have to arrange the place in a company by yourself. Of course you can always ask advise from your study advisor or the Internships […]

When is the BSc graduation?

Each academic year, two BSc graduations are organised. The first graduation takes place after the first period, which means that everyone who graduates during the first period or earlier on, can take part in this ceremony. The second graduation takes place after the fourth period. Therefore, everyone who finishes in the fourth period or before […]

Can I study abroad during the bachelor Food Technology?

If you are interested in studying abroad, the best time to go is during your minor. During the second year you will also get a presentation from the study advisors with more information on studying abroad. To see what the best choice is for you, make an appointment with your study advisor to discuss your […]