The time a teacher has to check an exam is stated in Article 48 of the Education and Examination Regulations of Wageningen University 2021-2022.

Article 48 Exam results and announcement of results

  1. The examiner determines the result of a written interim examination within ten working days after the last day of the education or resit period. (Working days: are the weekdays Monday to Friday, with the exception of the national holidays recognised by the CAO of the Dutch Universities and the days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).
  2. The examiner determines the result of an oral interim examination immediately after the examination is taken and provides the student with the result in writing.
  3. In the case of educational units for which no written or oral interim examination is given (such as an internship or thesis), the examiner determines the result within ten working days after the submission deadline determined by the examiner, provided that the student has not exceeded this term. In case of late return by the student, the examiner will determine the result within a reasonable period of time.
  4. Within the time limits referred to in this article, the examiner ensures that the results are announced by entering the results in the student information system. The student can also find this information on the student information system (Osiris).