Privacy protocol

Read the Nicolas Appert privacy protocol here.

Chapter 1. privacy

1.1 Personal data shall only be collected and processed for legitimate purposes that are clearly defined in advance and shall not be processed for any other purposes that cannot be reconciled with them. The association’s legitimate objects shall be its membership administration, collection of contributions, expense claims, sending of invoices, almanac, magazine, weekly email message, excursions, foreign trips and other activities. Photographs shall be placed on a secure page on the website. Only current members shall have access to that page.

1.2 Personal data shall be stored in a form which renders it possible to identify the relevant data subject for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed. Personal data shall be stored on an online server belonging to the university. That server shall only be accessible to the current members of the Nicolas Appert executive board.

1.3 A data processing agreement has been concluded with Wageningen University & Research and Thanks to this, appropriate technical and organisational measures have been taken in such a manner that it is possible to ensure that any personal data and its processing are appropriately secured and that, amongst other things, it is protected against unlawful or illegal processing and against its loss,
destruction or impairment.

1.4 Names and addresses shall be shared with the printer(s) of the association’s magazine and almanac. The association’s membership administration records shall be shared with the WUR shop. Names, e-mail addresses and account numbers will be shared and stored with Account numbers of members with direct debit are shared with the Rabobank.

1.5 Wageningen University & Research shall report a data leak to the current members of the executive board within twenty-four (24) hours. Should such infringement constitute a risk to the rights and/or liberties of any natural person, Nicolas Appert shall share that data leak with its members within twenty-four (24) hours. Every member may consult the association’s privacy protocol. An individual may request, correct or remove any data concerning them which Nicolas Appert has.